4. Book Your Venue

You have gone through all the steps so it is now time to book your perfect (or near enough!) Christmas Party Venue!

A lot of people get to this step and then procrastinate about paying a deposit to the venue of their choice. We have seen these people miss out their preferred venue many times by delaying paying the deposit. If you are happy with a venue then please pay the deposit so you don’t miss out on the perfect venue for your Christmas Party.

Some function managers may take a tentative booking (they say they will call you if they get another enquiry for that date). However, the biggest concern about tentative bookings is that they usually expire after 7 days. It is too easy to forget that the 7 days is up and when you go to pay the deposit the venue has booked the function room. We advise our venues against taking tentative bookings as we find too often they lead to problems.

We have recommended venues to hundreds of people for Christmas parties. Even if it is a corporate party or an office party. Please take our advice, if you want the venue then don’t muck around – pay the deposit. December (or whenever you plan to have your office party or corporate party) will come around much more quickly than you realise and if you leave it too late you will miss out on your preferred venue and you may even have to settle for your 3rd or 4th choice (or even have trouble finding Christmas venues in Melbourne available!). We have over 160 Christmas Party function rooms so it is unlikely that we wont be able to find you a venue no matter how late you leave it however the earlier you book, the higher up your list of preferred venues will be available.

When you do pay the deposit make sure that there is some sort of an agreement (even if this is just an email from you confirming what you have agreed). We have taken a lot of time to carefully choose the venues that we recommend however this does not mean that misunderstandings don’t occur. So it is best to get a few dot points in writing so that there are no misunderstandings. Some Christmas Party venues ask you to sign a booking form and we highly recommend that you do this as you can include everything that was agreed between the two parties on this form.

Please remember that you can contact us at any of the stages / steps of finding your perfect Christmas Party Venue on 03 9789 8992.

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