Need Help Filling Out the Form?

On the Christmas Party Form page – we ask you a few standard questions about your Christmas party. This help page will help you answer these questions about your Christmas party and ensure we recommend the Christmas party venues and function rooms that best match your Christmas party requirements.


One of the most important questions is the number of people you expect will be attending your Christmas party. Although this number can be an estimate it is important as it is the most important question that we will use to recommend Christmas party venues for your Christmas party. Don’t worry if you have a small number of people as we have over 100 Christmas party venues so we have plenty of function rooms that are suitable for a small group for your Christmas party. We also have plenty of Christmas party venues in Melbourne that can cater for very large groups of people as well. The last thing you want is for a small group in a large function room or a large group squashed into a small function room!


The budget is extremely important as we have venues that can cater for Christmas parties with a budget of $15 per head right up to budgets of over $200 per head. Providing us with a budget for your Christmas party will provide us with a much better chance of matching Christmas party venues to your party needs. Don’t worry if you think you have a low budget as we will still have plenty of great value Christmas party venues and function rooms in Melbourne to suit your budget. Also, just because you provide us with a high budget – it doesn’t mean that you will necessarily have to spend that amount however we will be able to provide you with a more comprehensive range of “premium” Christmas party venues, function rooms and function centres.


Although this might seem fairly straight forward we would suggest that if you are contemplating a sit-down Christmas party then please select sit-down as all of the Christmas Party Venues that we recommend for your Christmas party will also be able to cater for a cocktail style Christmas party. If you are definitely having a cocktail style party then definitely select cocktail style. If you are not sure then simply mention this in the comments.


We have sorted our hundreds of Christmas party venues into 4 main types of party space:

  • Private/ Exclusive Room (this is the most common type of party space people request. Selecting this option means that you do not want any general public in your Christmas party! It also means that you are happy with a standalone venue or a private function room in a bar / club / hotel or pub)
  • Private/ Exclusive Room in a busy bar / club (this options means that you want a private / exclusive room however you would prefer the private room to be in the middle / side of a busy bar or club. People that select this option are happy if their friends go in and out of their Christmas party room or their party “kick on” into the busy bar / club area)
  • Sectioned off area (this is for people who don’t really need or want a private / exclusive room. These people tend to have no need for speeches, don’t want to have a minimum spend or have low numbers so are really only having Christmas party drinks rather than a full on Christmas party)
  • Happy to mingle with the general public (guest list) (this is for people who have low numbers and really just want to guarantee entry for their colleagues into a pub / bar or club so they don’t have to queue up at the door).

It is important that you select the type of Christmas party space that best suits what you want.You can select as many of these types of party space’s that you like however selecting more types may mean that we email you some Christmas party venue’s that will never be suitable for what you want. So if you want a private Christmas party venue / function room in Melbourne only select the top two buttons and if you would prefer that your private /exclusive room is not in a busy bar / club then do not select this option as well.


We have sorted our hundreds of venues into 6 main categories:

  1. Bar
  2. Function Room
  3. Club
  4. Courtyard
  5. Lounge – Classy
  6. Pub

It is important that you select the photo’s of the Christmas venues / function rooms that better represent the style of Christmas party venue that suits what you want. You can select as many or as few of these styles as you like however selecting more styles will not mean that we email you more Christmas party venue recommendations, we will just send you a bigger range of styles of Christmas venues.


We actually consider this question to be the least important of all to guarantee that you have a great party. We think the number of people and budget are the most important to guarantee that you have a great Christmas party. However we make sure that we only send you party venues and Christmas function rooms in Melbourne that are in the locations you have selected. If you have location preferences please select only these locations. Very often people will tick every box and then say to us “I only really wanted Richmond party venues or South Yarra party venues or party venues in the city”. If these are your preferred locations then make sure you only tick those boxes.


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